A downloadable game for Windows


* You need 2 Xbox 360 controllers to play this game.

Press A to Jump
Hold X to hold ball
Move Left Stick to aim ball while holding
Release X to kick ball

Play well to kick your enemy's butt!!!

Game by Felipe Nanni and Cajila Barbosa
Contact: felipenanni@hotmail.com

Made for Fuck This Jam 2014 with Game Maker 8.1
Uses joy.dll, by the user jellyf15h on Game Maker Community
Uses Simple Motion Blur, by the user Geeze on TIGForums

Install instructions

Download "Babajam.zip"

Extract "Babajam.zip"

Open "Babajam" folder

Execute "Babajam.exe"


Super Baba Jam (Updated version) 8 MB